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All products are:

  • Heavy-Duty
    • Solid
  • Locally Sourced
    • Built
    • Finished
  • Made from 100% reclaimed
    • Old-growth
    • Historic tight grain wood
  • Flooded with [Commercial] Epoxy Base
  • Hemlock
  • Sprayed with satin finish
  • Simple construction
  • Custom-Built

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Reclaimed + Refined Boardroom Tables

We've done boardroom tables for many high profile companies. Our refined finishing approach is conducive to modern spaces.

We are experienced in electronics accommodation requirements and offer many solutions.

We also offer custom logo embedding into the top of tables [using thick, brushed steel]. This is done by custom laser-cutting [your] logo/graphic out of 1/4" metal and routering the piece in the top of the table (before the epoxy pour). The top will be smooth and yet all the original distressing, and your logo, will be visible.

[Click on these thumbnails to see large images of design and colour options]

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