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All products are:

  • Made from 100% reclaimed
    • HISTORIC¬†
  • Heavy-Duty, Oversized Dimensions
    • Solid Wood
  • Locally Sourced
    • Built +
    • Finished
  • Epoxy + Sprayed Polyurethane Finished
  • Hand Built
  • Kiln-Dried
  • Practical
  • Custom Built

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Questions + Answers

Custom or Stock?

We do have a few dozen items on display which are for sale

Most of our customers custom build unless something in the showroom happens to fit what they are looking for

Table Sizing

You'll want around 3 feet clearance on every side [open concept can get away with less]

Keep in mind your high traffic areas

General guideline for seating is 2 feet of table per person based on average 19'' chair width (7 ft table = 8 people [3 each side, 1 each end])

Natural Colours

We only use reclaimed hemlock and pine Ontario barnwood as the softwood has the most amount of distressing (the finish brings in the durability)

Most of our customers choose a colour that will pull in tones from everywhere while still standing out as a centrepiece

Another option is go very different than the colour of the space for a strong contrast

The colour of our furniture comes the (natural) old patina of the wood rather than stain

Natural wood is timeless and will look good no matter where it goes

Pine will have redder tones, Hemlock browner tones

The less we sand out the old patina, the darker is stays

The more we sand, the lighter the colour gets (as we get through surface patina into the lighter tones in the deeper unexposed wood)

We offer a Greytone Treatment Option that maintains the natural light colour of unfinished while still allowing for the practical clearcoat finish

Given we're working with the natural colour of the old wood, there is colour variability within each option

While the distressing and tones of every board is different, we are good at getting within the colour range

If ordering by email, any easier way to pick colour is the customer referring to 1-3 table tops on the website, and then we determine the appropriate species/sanding degree to perform [as we don't change original colour with stain]

Inventive Specialized Non-Natural Colours

These unique options still allow for our epoxy + polyurethane clearcoat finish:

We offer a Bleached Greytone Treatment Option that maintains the light colour of unfinished and also cuts out all the brown/orange tones

We offer a Barnboard Greytone Treatment Option that mimics the colour of barnboard

We offer a Black Stain Treatment Option that makes the top consistently very dark, and cuts out all the redder tones


All our table options can extend up to 18" at either end [can add 3 ft total with two leaves]


Best to avoid dominant grain and lean towards solid colours so the chairs won't "compete" with the table top

Most of our customers opt for wormy maple given its less dominant grain and natural imperfections & bug holes


HD Threshing Floor Furniture will work well with both modern and rustic spaces.

Warranty + Post-Purchase Service

As most of our product is custom built, our warranty is very generic. If there are any problems surrounding quality of construction, finishing and other basic expectations, HD will refund, replace or fix at no charge (for a period of 3 years). None of the product we build is exactly the same as a result of the material we use; so HD cannot guarantee very specific colours or attributes. We strive to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment through very clear, honest communication during ordering and (if necessary) throughout the building process as well. Our goal is to ensure you are more than satisfied with the product you receive and in any dealings you have with us.

HD Threshing's Floor Furniture - Our Story

I frequently get asked how I got into this business; so I thought I would use this entry to address that. I started working part-time for a wholesaler of reclaimed wood long before I started the company in 2009. A friend of my parents needed help loading trucks, cleaning the salvaged wood from barns and factories, and scoping out new demolition jobs. I very much enjoyed this job as I got to explore historic buildings throughout Ontario and work with a range of reclaimed materials. In April of 2009 I graduated from the Conestoga business management program and started full time for the reclaimed wood wholesaler. My primary job was coming up with and marketing several new reclaimed wood products [flooring, siding, furniture]. About 5 months was spent researching and developing the barnwood furniture side of things - from design, building, and finishing. The most significant breakthrough came with the development of our unique epoxy finish; allowing the distressed wood to remain almost completely original on the final surface. HD Threshing Floor Furniture is the first company to use this finish, typically used in commercial applications, on a large scale. I was given permission by the owner of that company to take the furniture project and start my own company with it. This I did in Fall 2009. I was fortunate to find a couple of amazing woodworkers (already experienced in building with reclaimed) right away [Edgar Beringer, Dan Beringer]. I started out with a small showroom [consisting of 1 table and a few samples] and grew from there. We've moved a couple times since we started; into bigger spaces. Our current setup of the building shop at Edgars farm in Elmira, the showroom, epoxy shop, and spraying facility in Cambridge is ideal.-GR

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