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All products are:

  • Made from 100% reclaimed
    • Old-growth
    • Historic tight grain wood
  • Heavy-Duty, Oversized Dimensions
    • Solid Wood
  • Locally Sourced
    • Built +
    • Finished
  • Epoxy + Sprayed Polyurethane Finished
  • Designed to Maintain Distressing
  • Mennonite Built
  • Kiln-Dried
  • Practical
  • Resilient to many years of heavy, daily use
  • Custom-Built

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The Finishing Process

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Most of our furniture (depending on customer's specification) is finished using a very unconventional method. As opposed to using a fast drying lacquer, the top slabs of the product (from a night table to a large boardroom table) are first flooded using a slow drying, transparent commercial, exterior epoxy. Epoxy has the required structure [no evaporation] to fill in the places that food, dirt, germs and anything else that may go across a table top will get into. This makes the tops smooth and completely waterproof without compromising the authentic distressing marks or aged patina colour. Any part of the furniture that has been re-sawn is distressed and stained to match the top (critical for a uniform final look). The whole piece is then spray coated using a durable commercial polyurethane finish.

This extensive process requires a lot of patience, care and time but results in the unique final appearance and practicality of HD Threshing Floor Furniture. A common question we hear is whether the epoxy will take away from the authenticity and feel of the wood. Combined with the final satin coating, the warmth and authenticity of the wood is enhanced rather than diminished - confirmed especially when you see the final product in person. The tops are smooth (for much easier cleaning and practicality), the historic character is maintained, and the overall strength and resiliency of the piece is greatly increased.

We can control the epoxy thickness based on the style you are looking for. Our regular epoxy coating is the best option in most cases- using a healthy balance of practicality and rustic beauty.

On top of this, you can rest assured that our finishes are safe. Not only do they have zero VOCs; soap and water is all you'll really need to clean.

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