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All products are:

  • Made from 100% reclaimed
    • HISTORIC¬†
  • Heavy-Duty, Oversized Dimensions
    • Solid Wood
  • Locally Sourced
    • Built +
    • Finished
  • Epoxy + Sprayed Polyurethane Finished
  • Hand Built
  • Kiln-Dried
  • Practical
  • Custom Built

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    Our diverse team takes personal responsibility and pride in our part of the process. Collectively, this products an outstanding final product that we're proud to put our mark on.

  • Edgar Beringer, Carpentry

    Eddie has several decades of carpentry experience using reclaimed wood. A strong believer in doing things by hand, he uses a pencil-and-paper approach to carpentry - perfectly suited when working with reclaimed wood!

  • Dan Beringer, Carpentry

    Edgar's son Dan learnt the trade from his dad. They work together running the building shop. Dan is cheerful, skilled and hard working.

  • Marg Reinink, Showroom & Sales

    Marg is likely the one who you'll meet when you come down to our showroom. She's easy to talk to, happy, and knowledgeable - allowing our visitors a positive experience when visiting!

  • Kim Christensen, Spray Finishing

    Kim has over 30 years of experience in the wood finishing industry in several companies and many applications. Professional spray finishing and dealing with advanced equipment is difficult; but Kim does it with ease. His skilled spray finishing makes our rough raw material smooth to the touch.

  • Eduarda Christensen, Sanding

    Sanding is an absolutely crucial part of any finishing shop. Commonly underestimated, the sanding of raw material and pre-final sealers have a huge bearing on the final product. Eduarda focuses on this aspect of our operations. She's a major asset in the finishing shop.

  • Chauhan Kirtan, Operations

    Kirtan recently started with us in operations, training with the equipment and learning the epoxy process and delivery, and is already a valued member of our team!

  • Gerald Reinink, General Manager

    Gerald started HD in 2009 after developing the two stage finish with Andy Bouwman of The Rustic Wood Company and manages the company overall.

  • Fred Reinink, In Memory

    Fred Reinink ran our operations and was critical in the expansion years of HD Threshing Floor Furniture. On October 4, 2016, he passed away due to a heart attack while closing up our shop for the day. His dedication, positivity and hard work is still missed.

  • HD Threshing Floor Furniture is an equal opportunity employer.

    Interested in joining our team? Email resume to rw@table.ca

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