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All products are:

  • Made from 100% reclaimed
    • Old-growth
    • Historic tight grain wood
  • Heavy-Duty, Oversized Dimensions
    • Solid Wood
  • Locally Sourced
    • Built +
    • Finished
  • Epoxy + Sprayed Polyurethane Finished
  • Designed to Maintain Distressing
  • Mennonite Built
  • Kiln-Dried
  • Practical
  • Resilient to many years of heavy, daily use
  • Custom-Built

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Durable Polyurethane Finish

Our straight urethane option allows for a good seal while still maintaining the wood feel. Ideal for those who would like the character and distressing to be seen the most; this two-component, durable urethane will leave no doubt as to the origin of the wood. It will be less easy to clean than our epoxy option, of course, but it depends on what your intended use and lifestyle is. We use this finish on every HD piece of furniture [sealing even our epoxy tables; on top of the epoxy and on the bases. Apart from our new Grey "stain" - which maintains the colour of unfinished - it is a completely natural, clear finish.

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