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Reclaimed Wood Pedestal Table for West Montrose Home

Thursday, March 11, 2021

The colour of exterior barn boards is different than the internal floor boards, our barnboard greytone treatment option fixes this. Some of our customers love the colour of barnboard. The barn floor boards we use [threshing floor] is less exposed to the elements so won’t be in this colour. The goal of this treatment option is to match barnboard. Actual exterior barn boards can’t be used as they’re are too structurally deterioted. Check out this pedestal table we made for a West Montrose home with this option. In this project we also custom painted the base of the table and bench as well. See pics below! Continue reading

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Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table in Toronto, Ontario House

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

6.5 ft Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table in Toronto, Ontario House Any of our bases can be modified to your preferences, as long as the structural integrity is maintained. For example, our straight lines trestle design can be modified to have … Continue reading

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