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Alternative Finish Option: ‘Bleached’ Greytone Treatment

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

For over 8 years we’ve offered our ‘greytone treatment’. This was one of the first unique options we offered years ago. This purpose of this option was simple – get a finished [with clearcoat] product that KEEPS the colour/tones of unfinished. Our experienced finisher Kim came up with this option and it has been a successful option for many customers!

was the fact that the unfinished colour still has brown tones. If you take a dry piece of wood and make it wet it darkens up; with authentic reclaimed it darkens up a lot. This is fine and the natural colour is 90% of what our customers love and order. But if you want the colour of unfinished, with no brown tones, it was basically impossible.

We’ve already done a few projects. We did this Toronto desk project using this method [see pics below]: Continue reading

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